NPs and “Full Practice Authority”

WARNING: I have been through one nurse practitioner (NP) firestorm on Facebook about the ideas presented in this post. However, Facebook fails to provide a good stage for discussion of complex issues. So here’s the whole nine yards on the issue “full practice authority” from my perspective. If you have a low tolerance for notions which…

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Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine. Michel Accad, M.D. College Station, Texas. Green Publishing House, LLC, 2017, 127 pp.   On the state of current medical research Dr. Michel Accad has much to say, a very important much, but from my perspective, that he did so with story…

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Consider the Hashtag #Godgifu

    I’ve been giving some thought to how to portray in a twitter-short way the fake news element. A major goal of public relations is to find a nice word to wallpaper over the unnice version so everything sounds better. Or worse, to promote the unnice in the name of nice. This goes beyond…

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