How has your State Used it’s Affordable Care Funding?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created an incredibly rich state-by-state tool “Tracking Federal Funds from the Affordable Care Act.”  North Dakota, for example, has chosen not to create an insurance exchange, but to work to spend it’s grant to upgrade Medicaid for the “development of the tools necessary to create a one-stop eligibility system for…

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Seven Myths of Health Care Financing

When we wrote Modern Medicine all those years ago, we concentrated on explaining how we thought health care costs had been forced into a never-ending spiral upward. Even then, our perspective was that the physician-patient relationship had been destroyed by the intervention of third-party interests. Much of the perceived crisis in health care financing is…

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So What’s a Treating Physician Anyway?

When I choose to call this blog “The Treating Physician,” I was attempting to remind readers that health care decisions should be the province of the patient and the physician.  Indeed, that was the crux of the book Dr. Lindemann and I wrote 20 years ago, Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know. Currently, there…

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