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chicken on chairMy posts to this blog have often been far longer than most blog fare. But as someone who writes about what I perceive as problems with the COVID-19 vaccinations, some of the common social media really discourage anything that even casts a shadow in the direction of vaccination, much less mandatory vaccinations.

I have begun posting on Substack under “Heard Among the Chickens,” where you will find “There are scientific studies and then there are physicians in the field who may see different results….”

I have been publishing online on Medium for some time now, but when my article on  “Pandemicitis” got really long, Medium seemed like a good place to publish the other side of the vaccine story.

The best reward of all? I don’t have to deal with WordPress and it’s long list of plug ins and it’s absolutely awful Gutenberg text editor. Somehow the powers that be decided block text editing and writing was the bees knees. It sucks.

So, as I publish posts elsewhere, I will be sure to note the link here. Please feel free to abandon the WordPress ship with me.


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