How has your State Used it’s Affordable Care Funding?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created an incredibly rich state-by-state tool “Tracking Federal Funds from the Affordable Care Act.” 

North Dakota, for example, has chosen not to create an insurance exchange, but to work to spend it’s grant to upgrade Medicaid for the “development of the tools necessary to create a one-stop eligibility system for Medicaid and the exchange.”

It’s really nice to see some details about how states are managing the creating of an insurance exchange.

How is your state doing?

Some young HR person once looked at my CV and asked me, quite seriously, if I had really done everything I had listed there. Well, yes. Because I am someone who can't sit in a Morris Miller cubicle every day, much less for any great stretch of time. Once the problem is solved, I get bored and I'm ready to move on to the next challenge. This hasn't afforded me any great stability in my work life. I simply arrive in places about ten years ahead of time. So far, at least, that penchant for early arrival hasn't been accompanied with a pocketbook full of door knobs.

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