Maryland Board – Eight Minutes, Fourteen Seconds… Summary judgement for inconvenient physicians

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Public Citizen’s annual report rates Medical Boards against each other, numbering them from one (1) to fifty-one (51) depending on the number of successful prosecutions using a “so many prosecutions per thousand doctors” formula.


This highly touted, but totally ludicrous, guideline forces Medical Boards to prosecute, not actual bad doctors, but anyone and everyone for any reason – just to get the numbers up. If you don’t get your numbers up Public Citizen writes to the Governor of your State.


And that means that there is an unwritten, unspoken, quota system.


When this happens all the rules go out the window and medical boards become rubber stamp operations for prosecution cabals. And that’s what we have in Maryland – a prosecution cabal. From 2003, when Maryland was ranked 48th overall, to 2011 when Maryland went to 27th in the notch-on-the-gun competition.

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Some young HR person once looked at my CV and asked me, quite seriously, if I had really done everything I had listed there. Well, yes. Because I am someone who can't sit in a Morris Miller cubicle every day, much less for any great stretch of time. Once the problem is solved, I get bored and I'm ready to move on to the next challenge. This hasn't afforded me any great stability in my work life. I simply arrive in places about ten years ahead of time. So far, at least, that penchant for early arrival hasn't been accompanied with a pocketbook full of door knobs.

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