Top Down and Bottom Up

In the early days of developing expert systems, there was a lot of talk about whether such systems should be built from the top down or the bottom up. The artifical intelligence focus has moved on to other perspectives, including the ever popular neural networks. In these discussions, we seem to forget an underlying principle…

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Seven Myths of Health Care Financing

When we wrote Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know all those years ago, we concentrated on explaining how we thought health care costs had been forced into a never-ending spiral upward. Even then, our perspective was that the physician-patient relationship had been destroyed by the intervention of third-party interests. Much of the perceived crisis…

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Comparative Effectiveness Research

Much of the loud clamoring about the recently passed stimulus health-care provision targets “comparative effectiveness research.” Steven Pearlstein of The Washington Post notes the criticism comes mostly from those with a conservative perspective who believe, or at least profess to believe, that “the market” is supposed to magically keep costs down and health care, like…

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