“The biggest mistake in communications is to leap on a solution before understanding the need”

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Michael Spitz (@SpitzStrategy) writes:


‘Stop thinking about mhealth. Seriously. Forget about apps, smartphones, tablets, iTunes, Angry Birds, Happtique, the whole enchilada. The biggest mistake in communications and tech is to leap on a solution before understanding the need.


What’s crucial to acknowledge is that mobile health is merely a tactical recommendation, one channel of many available. You have numerous options, mhealth being just one of them. And at this point, you don’t have enough data to determine if you even want to or should go there.

That’s why it’s important to first understand yourself, your goals, motivation, and capabilities; your audiences and how they use technology; your message and content; and the level of risk acceptable to you. Apps gets built from the outside, in; here’s a way.’


[AS: All true at present, but how far are we away from ‘mhealth’ simply being synonymous with ‘health’ for comms purposes?


Growth in the usage of mobile / video as the platform / context through which health information is conveyed continues unabated, and whilst it will always be necessary to validate the needs assessed against the methods of delivery and format chosen to create the conditions of possibility for success, mobile is arguably already the solution that needs to be displaced.]

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