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As a writer I have always been interested in the brain/mind connection. As an editor, I was always trying to find the point at which editing becomes writing. And finally, since working on Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know, my interest has become more often healthcare, especially the art of medicine, the experience of physicians which leads to their expertise. An expertise which cannot be captured by checkboxes and electronic medical records.

Artificial intelligence has long studied the difference between novices and experts in their quest to build expert systems. Attempts to replicate physician expertise with checklists have failed abysmally. But studies of novice vs. expert behavior tells us why. There is no greater misunderstanding of the art of the physician than the government’s compulsion to try to measure quality of care with medical checklists.

I’ve listed the books here in no particular order, with links to Amazon and any book reviews I have done.













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