Neural Networks and the Black Box

The excitement over deep learning and neural networks is well deserved, but the notion that artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of “deep learning” will replace the need for physician expertise is, I would suggest, a bit premature. Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., in “A.I. Versus M.D.” does an excellent job of illustrating the differences between man…

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Between Authors and Editors

I have always been interested in the interaction between writers and editors, probably because I have sat in each of these two chairs. As an editor in a department producing technical articles for the satellite communications industry, I often worked with engineers who found it difficult to put their ideas into words, especially if English…

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Why Would Couch Potatoes Read the Book The Haywire Heart?*

[Exercise] is undeniably the best medicine there is for preventing a host of cardiovascular diseases….Its documented beneficial results would qualify it as a miracle drug if a pharmaceutical company could figure out how to bottle it….Can there be too much of a good thing? Quite possibly…. (p. xxxi)   Chris Case, John Mandola, MD, and…

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