You’re Not Like Them…

Douglas Farrago on his blog Authentic Medicine often posts letters he receives from other physicians.  A letter from Dr. Scott Miller tells a fascinating story about the kind of boxed-in kind of thinking physicians are subjected to even by the medical boards charged with being able to ascertain whether physicians present a danger to patients.

Unfortunately, many fine physicians have been driven out of medicine for all the reasons I’ve written about on this blog, but Dr. Miller’s story illustrates a particularly nasty version of the abuse of physicians.


Some young HR person once looked at my CV and asked me, quite seriously, if I had really done everything I had listed there. Well, yes. Because I am someone who can't sit in a Morris Miller cubicle every day, much less for any great stretch of time. Once the problem is solved, I get bored and I'm ready to move on to the next challenge. This hasn't afforded me any great stability in my work life. I simply arrive in places about ten years ahead of time. So far, at least, that penchant for early arrival hasn't been accompanied with a pocketbook full of door knobs.

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