Antibiotics and the River Styx

    Just try to get a post-surgery antibiotic. It’s easier to cross the River Styx. I understand the reasoning behind the notion of “antibiotic stewardship” and being careful about prescribing antibiotics for viruses. Any sensible person would agree that antibiotics shouldn’t be given if the patient can recover without them. But who bothers to…

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Jim Cox on the Responsibility of Writers and Publishers in These COVID-19 Times

Jim Cox has written and maintained the Midwest Book Review since before I was publishing books in the early 1990s. He, like many of us our age, has seen the print industry change remarkably with the influx of online conversations where most anything goes because writers don’t have to look their victims in the eyes…

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Review: The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age

I wrote this review of Allucquere Rosanne Stone’s book many years ago when it was first published. As I struggle with the adversarial nature of discourse today, wondering how we could have travelled down this road so far without becoming aware of the dangers of our thinking, I am reminded of those who saw the…

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