Consider the Hashtag #Godgifu

    I’ve been giving some thought to how to portray in a twitter-short way the fake news element. A major goal of public relations is to find a nice word to wallpaper over the unnice version so everything sounds better. Or worse, to promote the unnice in the name of nice. This goes beyond…

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MACRA…An Open Letter to Andy Slavitt

I am not a physician, so have no credentials to be telling the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) how to run hospitals, much less physicians how to treat patients. However, as part of a clinic struggling to get reasonable reimbursement for the care we provide, I can speak directly to the issues about…

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North Dakota Medicaid and the Wrong-Sized Paper

I have posted often about the methods insurance companies use to avoid payment on claims, whether it’s the claim submission process itself in “The 1500 and it’s Sidekick the EOB,” or more recently, increasingly novel ways payers use to deny payment in “North Dakota Medicaid and Erectile Dysfunction.” Physicians often complain about the difficulty of…

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